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Top 10 Contract Manufacturing Services Companies - 2022

The contract manufacturing in aerospace and defense industry is bringing in advanced solutions to defense, commercial, and space customers.

One of the primary drivers of this worldwide expansion of aerospace and defense contract manufacturing is the increasing need for commercial airplanes. Sintavia, LLC, for example, announced its proprietary copper 3D printing process for the GRCop-42 rocket thrust chamber assembly used by NASA and other space travel businesses.

Moving forward, the global aerospace and defense contract manufacturing market is estimated to expand at a substantial CAGR of 17.3 percent during the forecast period.

To spotlight such key developments in the industry, Aerospace and Defense Review illustrates how contract manufacturing service companies are developing effective strategies for winning contracts with critical customers and contributing to stronger growth in the aerospace and defense space. This edition also includes articles on how A&D leaders have successfully implemented smart manufacturing capabilities. In that list, we have David Waller, Principal Investigator for Additive Manufacturing at Ball Aerospace; Bob Yancey, Business Development Director at Hexcel Corporation; and Bruno Cervia, VP of R&D and Deputy CE at Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, who provide their thought-provoking insights on how additive manufacturing is shaking the core of the aerospace and defense industry, the future of agile contract manufacturing, and how digitization is transforming the aerospace sector.

In this edition of Aerospace and Defense Review, we also bring to you the story of some of the most promising contract manufacturing service companies that play an important role in delivering high quality contract manufacturing services. In the list, BEPeterson stands out with its advanced manufacturing techniques and low-cost material procurement to supply consistent and repeatable high quality products to its customers.

Through the following pages, we aim to shine a light on the innovative trends and latest developments in contract manufacturing of aerospace and defense. We would like to know your thoughts.

    Top Contract Manufacturing Services Companies

  • BEPeterson is the leading manufacturer of custom metal fabrication of heavy-gauge metal parts and equipment.

  • Affordable Engineering Services, Inc.

    Affordable Engineering Services, Inc.

    Affordable Engineering Services, Inc. (AES) is a premiere defense contractor delivering customer-focused, high-quality engineering & aviation maintenance services at affordable rates. AES was established in 1996 to meet the ever-changing needs and requirements of their Department of Defense (DoD) customers and the United States warfighter

  • Asteelflash


    Asteelflash is a global leader in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Supply-Chain Management solutions. Asteelflash strives to offer advanced technical capabilities, innovative manufacturing solutions, dedication, and a high level of service to all its partners

  • Astro Manufacturing & Design

    Astro Manufacturing & Design

    Astro Manufacturing & Design offers turnkey contract manufacturing of systems, machines, equipment and sub-assemblies. Astro's services includes large CNC milling and turning services, sheet metal fabricating, NADCAP MIL-Spec painting services, automation engineering services, assembly services, and more

  • Bascom Hunter

    Bascom Hunter

    Bascom Hunter is an Aerospace and Defense contractor that provides industry leading solutions. Bascom is an engineering driven company that specializes in providing high specification products and solutions for high performance applications.

  • B&G Electronic Assembly, Inc.

    B&G Electronic Assembly, Inc.

    B&G Electronic Assembly, Inc. is a manufacturer of wide range electronic assemblies, custom cable and wire harness assemblies, coil cord assemblies, coax assemblies, flat ribbon assemblies, flight hardware, electrical jumper leads, military and aerospace assemblies, molded electronic assemblies, multi-conductor assemblies, panel assemblies, PCB assemblies and power distribution boxes

  • dB Control Corp.

    dB Control Corp.

    dB Control Corp. supplies mission-critical, often sole-source, products worldwide to military organizations, as well as to major defense contractors and commercial manufacturers. dB Control designs and manufactures reliable high-power TWT Amplifiers (TWTAs), microwave power modules (MPMs), transmitters, high- and low-voltage power supplies, and modulators for radar, electronic countermeasures (ECM), and data link applications

  • Hughes Circuits

    Hughes Circuits

    Hughes Circuits is San Diego County’s largest fully integrated electronics manufacturing service (EMS) company. The firm offers PCB layout, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, and Precision Metal Machining and Fabrication all in one manufacturing facility under one management. Hughes focuses on providing Exceptional Quality, Delivery, and Service with value pricing

  • Keytronic


    Keytronic is a value-added contract manufacturer to some of the world’s leading OEMs. The company specializes in PCB assembly, plastic molding, and full product assembly, with products ranging from simple consumer devices to complex, high end commercial and industrial electromechanical products

  • Sechan Electronics, Inc.

    Sechan Electronics, Inc.

    Sechan Electronics, Inc. is a leading Department of Defense contractor and electronics manufacturer, specializing in military electronics and electronic contract manufacturing services. In order to provide flexible, low risk manufacturing solutions Sechan maintains core manufacturing competency in the areas of wire harness fabrication, electronic circuit card assembly, electronic equipment, and system integration